Nothing to Do (2017)

Kenny (Paul Fahrenkopf, The Wire) is a fifty-something DJ with a somewhat aimless life who must contend with his father’s imminent demise, as well as his sister being unwilling to listen — in this drama with comedic moments from writer-director Mike Kravinsky.

Kenny’s father Irv is in the hospital, but a nurse informs our protagonist that the elder man’s body is failing. He’s in constant pain. And they can only fight to keep him alive and in constant pain. Unlike his younger sister, who thinks Irv can get better, Kenny wants his father to make his own choice.

Paul Fahrenkopf was given so much in this role and he knocked it out of the park. If this were a big budget movie — and a big name actor — people would be breathlessly describing how brave his choices were and how real he made it all feel. Sadly, this is a movie that’s already on demand and won’t get to see the eyes of tastemakers. Fahrenkopf has appeared in some roles that you may have noticed in movies like Call Girl of Cthulhu and WNUF Halloween Special. He’s someone to watch and I hope that he gains greater opportunities.

I adored the ending of this and how it left the answer to Kenny’s request of his father wide open. Life has no easy answers and neither does this film.

You can find this movie on iTunes and Amazon Prime.

Note: We were sent a copy of this by its PR company but that doesn’t influence our thoughts.

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