Barbarian Queen 2: The Empress Strikes Back (1990)

Lana Clarkson is back, but this sequel to Barbarian Queen is one in title only, as it’s a completely different story. Here, she played Althalia, who goes from being a princess to leading peasants and an army of female fighters against Arkaris. That said, this is a Roger Corman produced film, so prepare for plenty of women being tortured and menaced in all manner of pre-#metoo ways.

This one is all about a magic scepter that only Althalia has the secret to, but if she uses it, her father — who is missing after a recent battle — will die. Her brother seeks the throne and her ex-kinda boyfriend is all wishy-washy, so she runs into the forest to escape.

There, she finds a group of Amazons who force her to mud wrestle — yes, did I mention this is a Roger Corman produced film? — before allowing her into their tribe. Soon, they’re battling her brother’s soldiers before our heroine is captured and tortured on the rack — again, did I mention Corman produced this? — before escaping and saving all the land.

I never thought that I’d be wistful for Barbarian Queen, but the sequel really leaves a lit to be desired. Somehow, some way, Barbarian Queen III: Revenge of the She-King was announced but never happened.

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