TABLOID WEEK: Mysteries from Beyond Planet Earth (1975)

George Gale has mostly worked as a post-production guy, but he also produced and directed two strange 1970’s Fortean documentaries, Mysteries from Beyond Planet Earth and Are We Alone in the Universe? Narrated by character actor Lawrence Dobkin, this movie pretty much hits every single theory in its 94-minute whirlwind of info.

Your host stays calm through it all as we rush past every single theory anyone has ever had about anything, basically.

UFOs, Atlantis and Cayce talking about Atlantis? We’ve got that.

Planes getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle? Sure.

Telepathy, ESP, firestarters, Kirlian photography that captures auras and plants being able to communicate? Sure, we can talk about that.

But wait! Do you have time to talk about witchcraft and Satanism, including a Black Mass? Of course. And then we’ll have to speak about the Hollow Earth, Bigfoot, black holes, genetic engineering, clones, freezing people and maybe we’ll even get to aliens again. How much time do we have left?

This is a movie that from its very tagline asked, “What is the message from beyond the stars, which has been kept secret from our world until now?” Indeed. What is that message? Or messages?

This one is bought to you by American National Enterprises, who also blessed us by distributing SheIronmasterEndgameEncounter with the Unknown and more. These guys had taste. None of it good. All of it amazing.

You can get this piece of 70’s strange from Cult Action.

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