City of Gold (2016)

Jonathan Davenport is dealing with the recent death of his father and trying to figure out whether or not he can handle his wide-reaching media empire that he has inherited. His journey of discovery leads him to the Peruvian Amazon seeking a reclusive artist living in rebel occupation. The mission ends up being much more than that. Instead, it’s a harbinger of something dark and ominous rooted deep within Jonathan.

Directed by Harry Locke IV, who has also been a colorist and post-production supervisor on numerous blockbusters, and featuring stars like Vernon Wells (Bennett from Commando, Wes from The Road Warrior and Lord General from Weird Science, amongst other roles), Christopher Atkins (The Blue Lagoon) and Branscombe Richmond (Saving Sarah Marshall), this is a film that takes us from the boardroom to the deep jungle in search of El Dorado.

Jonathan’s entire family is dealing with masochistic and self-destructive tendencies — it even drives his father to suicide. After being ruled unfit to run his family’s company, Jonathan reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Elisabeth Carlisle and goes with her to find an artist. The trip turns bad quick — the art collector sponsoring it has hired mercenaries, the artist is in the middle of a warzone and Peru unlocks the true demons inside our hero’s mind.

There are some long stretches here that the budget demanded be animated like video game cutscenes. It may take some out of the film. I understood why they had to use them to keep the story moving. This aspires to be an Indiana Jones high adventure and doesn’t completely hit the mark, but the scenery looks great and it certainly has some lofty aspirations.

City of Gold is available on VOD and DVD.

NOTE: We were sent this movie by a PR company. That has nothing to do with our thoughts on the final product.

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