West of Sunshine (2017)

This social-realist movie from debut feature filmmaker Jason Raftopoulos is all about Jim, a father in the midst of a struggle: he has less than a day to pay back a massive gambling debt, all while trying to look after his young son. His relationship with his son will be tested as his plans to pay back the loan fail and one final chance to repay the violent loan shark puts his son’s life at risk.

Interesting enough, Ty Perham who plays the young Alex in this movie is really the stepson of star Damian Hill. It’s his first acting experience and he really does well, appearing totally natural and seasoned.

Sadly, Hill died shortly after this film was released in Australia. He was only 42 and after seeing his performance here, it felt like there was plenty left for him to achieve.

Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to watch a lot more Australian cinema and have been pleasantly surprised at the efforts. West of Sunshine is another film that continues that trend. It will be released here in theaters on January 18 and then you can find it on video on demand as of January 22.

NOTE: We were sent this by the movie’s PR team, but it has nothing to do with our review.

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