Mobile Homes (2017)

A mother and her 8-year-old son are drifting through life, following her boyfriend as they barely scrape out an existence one small crime at a time. But when she decides to finally leave him and live in a mobile home community, there’s a chance their lives can change.

Imogen Poots is amazing in this movie, which I’d compare to Room. It starts with her character Ali trying to place her son Bone into a foster home and when that seems too difficult, she takes him with her as she conducts a life of crime with her boyfriend Evan. From teaching her son how to train roosters for cockfighting to stealing meals every time they eat, it’s no life.

Anton Yelchin was supposed to star as Evan, but due to his tragic death, his Green Room co-star and friend Callum Turner respectfully took his place. He’s really good in this as well.

There’s no real direction to this, yet that feels like what their life is like. The ending, where she careens down a dangerous road towing the mobile home that should be their escape, is really powerful, though. It’s some great filmmaking and the highlight of the film, other than the strong performances.

Director Vladimir de Fontenay filmed a short of this in his native France a few years ago and this movie is his chance to expand upon that film. It’s definitely worth a watch, but if you’ve lived with this kind of craziness in your family, it may not be an easy one. As Robert, the laborer who allows them to stay in the mobile home park says, “What planet are you people from?”

You can watch Mobile Homes On Demand January 22.

Note: We were sent this by the movie’s PR team. That has no bearing on our review!

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