Slay Belles (2018)

Paul Andolina from Wrestling with Film is back with another holiday film. Let’s all get ready for candy canes by reading this one.

With Christmas only days away, I haven’t seen much snow in Pennsylvania. Granted winter doesn’t officially start until the 21st of the month but I’m used to seeing some snow on the ground this time of year.

Despite all this, my Christmas cheer isn’t entirely dampened especially not after watching Slay Belles. Slay Belles is a 2018 horror comedy about a group of urban explorers with a channel on Youtube called Adventure Girls. The girls, Dahlia, Sadie, and Alexi have decided to get dressed up in festive costumes and go explore the abandoned theme park, Santa Land!

Dahlia is played by Susan Slaughter, who has appeared on Ghost Hunters numerous times. Alexi is played by Kristina Klebe (Killer Mermaid) and Sadie is played by Hannah Wagner, who is probably more known as the Youtube star, Miss Hannah Minx. All three of these women were also in either Devil’s Carnival or its sequel.

Slay Belles also stars Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show), Diane Salinger (Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and Batman Returns), and Richard Moll (Night Court). The Adventure Girls encounter a strange creature while exploring Santa Land that turns out to be Krampus. Santa Land also happens to be the home of the real Santa (Barry Bostwick).

Krampus has been killing kids both naughty and nice and it’s up to Santa and the girls to save the world. Of course, it takes some convincing from Santa as the girls are at first hesitant to believe that the strange biker gear clad man occupying the cottage is actually Santa.

The movie boasts a fun score, some awesome cinematography, featuring a wider array of colors, and some cool costume work. The Krampus looks and feels like it was lifted right out of a book of Germanic lore. Santa’s constant use of profanity is hilarious and the Adventure Girls prove to be badasses. There is no snow in the film as it was filmed on location at Santa Land, a real place located in California. It doesn’t showcase a white Christmas but the festiveness of the season is very much present.

I really want to encourage everyone to check this movie, because I can’t convey just how much awesome fun this film is. If you’re a fan of horror with a comedic bent then this film is definitely for you. It’s an excellent little film, only 77 minutes in length. However, it packs so much entertainment in its run time you’ll want to watch it again after it ends! Get ready because “Santa Claus is coming to town, bitches!’

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