The Rebound (2016)

Miami is known for sports and diversity. And for the players on the Miami Heat Wheels team, their hometown is also rich with second chances and the opportunity to prove that their wheelchairs don’t hold them back from anything. The Rebound follows the team for an entire year, from defeat at the national championships to the road back.

Shaina Allen and Michael Esposito made this their first film, growing close to several of the players as they share the stories of their lives and why they’ve been drawn to the sport.

Mario Moran, Jeremie “Phenom” Thomas and Orlando Carrillo, along with their coaches, friends, family and even other Paralympic athletes are all featured to help tell the tale. The final four games — all played in one day — of the championships are really well shot and edited, drawing you in the drama even if you don’t know all that much about basketball. The stories here are pretty much universal.

Want to know more? Check out the official site.

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