Secret Santa (2016)

Yes, there are two movies called Secret Santa. This one is from 2016, the other is from 2017. This kind of leads to confusion when you’re trying to get more info on a movie, but that’s the kind of investigative journalism that I guess you’ve come to expect from this site. Also, I wrote this review at 6 AM on a Monday when I should really be sleeping, but that’s definitely the kind of thing you expect from this site.

A group of college kids are in the midst of finals whole a slasher is taking them out one by one. They also decide to have a holiday party complete with a Secret Santa gift exchange, just so the title makes sense. It takes nearly an hour to get to the actual point of this film: the secret Santa gifts point to how the killer will off each person.

The filmmakers shot this on video, but added in film grains and pops to give it a 1970’s patina. Obviously, it owes a lot to the original Black Christmas. There’s some interesting gore — the film starts with a power drill kill and a torn out eyeball, so there’s that. There’s also a pretty grizzly knife to the head effect and a black gloved killer, so obviously, that was all it took to get me to make it through this film.

I guess if you watch one holiday themed horror film this year where the killer is fought off with a giant black rubber dong, you should choose this one.

Your mileage may vary depending on how much you enjoy low budget digital horror. Want to see this for yourself? Good news. It’s free on Amazon Prime.

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