Funny Tweets (2018)

There’s a quote — attributed to so many people — that says “If I had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” That insightful line was written in the time before Twitter, but it sums up the beauty of this short burst form of social media. What can you say in 140 characters (I know that you can now do 280, but as Polonius said, brevity is the soul of wit).

This film about the power of short and sweet blasts of words is packed with famous and nearly famous folks discussing what Twitter means to them, from Conan co-host Andy Richter to writers like Alec Sulkin, Matt Selman, Damien Fahey and Danny Zuker, as well as influencer Elijah Daniel. From how they got on Twitter in the first place to how it changed their lives and even got them noticed, there’s plenty of interesting stories here, particularly about how some of them have even gone one on one with the President of the United States.

Director/producer Laurie McGuinness keeps things moving quickly and there’s a lot to laugh at and think about here, particularly about the dark side of when you share your words online. 

Funny Tweets is available on demand December 4. It’s pretty quick and easy to enjoy.

Disclaimer: I was sent this film by its PR team, but that has no impact on my review.

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