Thanks for staying with us for an entire week of Death Wish. They really are fascinating films, all products of the climate of the years that they were made in and well worth investigating.

Here are a few Death Wish movies and media appearances that I didn’t get to mention:

1974’s Il Giustiziere di Mezzogiorno (The Noonday Executioner, which takes its name from Death Wish‘s Italian title Il Giustiziere Della Notte, or The Executioner of the Night) is a parody film where surveyor Franco Gabbian is abandoned by his wife and daughter and takes revenge against dishonest policemen and politicians.

Paul Kersey is inspiring people all over the world, obviously. Take Turkey, for example, where 1975’s The Executioner was a shot for shot remake — in 80 minutes — of Death Wish. Here, architect Orhan becomes a vigilante after his wife and sister are menaced by a trio of street toughs. Just by watching the trailer, I can tell you that I’m hunting this one down with all the tenacity of Bronson going after a ring of drug dealers.

1976 also brought the adult version of Death Wish, called Sex Wish. I’m certain there could have been a more intelligent title. Actually, I’m a little letdown. At least C.J. Laing is in this one. And please keep in mind, it’s for ladies and gentlemen over 21, so please have some decorum.

Mohra was the second highest grossing Indian film of 1994 and it’s an uncredited ripoff of Death Wish 4: The Crackdown.

While not a true sequel, 2007’s Death Sentence is loosely based on the novel Brian Garfield wrote in response to the first movie. It stars Kevin Bacon as a man who takes the law into his own hands when his son is killed by a gang.

Thanks for spending all of Death Wish week with us. Here’s hoping you’ve learned something new or had the chance to discover these films for the first time!

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