DOCUMENTARY WEEK: Children of the Stars (2012)

Unarius means Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science. Since 1954, from their headquarters in El Cajon, California, they’ve worked to advanced a new “interdimensional science of life” based upon “fourth-dimensional” physics principles. This is not just the story of their church. It’s the story of the love between Ernest Norman and his wife Ruth across the galaxies and eons of time.

My question is, if the church doesn’t harm anyone, if they live as good people, what’s wrong with their love for space brothers? What’s the harm in the movies that they make? They seem much more well adjusted than many churches I’ve attended.

The other teaching of the church is the belief loop, where they can see a movie, see it as a past life experience and then create their own film documenting that fact. That means Star Wars is real. Any movie that you love can be as real as The Bible to you.

Then, there’s Charles Spiegel, Ruth’s longtime assistant and eventual successor. One day, while traveling cross-country, she confided in him that he was Lucifer. Seeing as she called herself Archangel Uriel, one wonders what their relationship was really like.

Some members also see themselves as the Roman soldiers who crucified Jesus and they are making up for that in this life by following Ernest Norman. Hey — is that any stranger than what others believe?

Ruth Norman predicted — many times — that 33 alien ships would land here on Earth, starting in 1974.  Charles Spiegel predicted 1980 and was wrong as well. After numerous dates came and went, they began to focus more on improving humanity here on Earth.

I’ve been interested in the Unarius Church since seeing them on Letterman in the 1980’s and compilations of their videos at the long-lost Mondo Video in Los Angeles. This film only confirmed my suspicions of how magical they really are.

Want to learn more? The Unarius Church website is a great place to start. And if you want to watch the film, it’s available on Amazon Prime. Or you can visit the film’s official site.

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