Based on the novel Sworn to Silence by Linda Castillo, this movie was a backdoor pilot for further movies that was never picked up by the Lifetime Channel. And oh yeah — that leads me to the newest streaming service that we subscribe to: the Lifetime Movie Club. And you know my opinion on Lifetime: it’s all giallo without the boobs and neon blood. This one even has a black gloved killer scene!

Originally airing January 6, 2013, this movie is all about Painters Mill, Ohio — not a real Ohio town as they often discuss things happening in Cincinnati, Youngstown and Dayton, all areas of the state that are far apart at the very least — where there’s always been a divide between the townspeople and the Amish.

Katie Burkholder (Neve Campbell) knows all about it. Sixteen years ago, she survived the Slaughterhouse Murders that tore her town apart. As a result, she left her people and became a cop. Now, she’s back in town as the chief of police, just in time for a copycat series of murders to begin. Yet Katie has secrets of her own that could destroy both her life and her lost family.

I watched this entire movie with recognizing Pony Boy himself,  C. Thomas Howell. What a bad 80’s kid I have grown up to be. Noam Jenkins from the Saw movies is in this as a big city cop, too. So is Linda Kash from Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show.

You won’t see many — if any — Amish giallo. The end of this is pretty solid, with some real tension once the real killer is revealed. Check it out for yourself on Lifetime or on Amazon Prime.

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