Check out our lists on Letterboxd!

I love Letterboxd. And I love making lists. Therefore, I’ve gone a little nutty categorizing our reviews. Here are the current lists that we have running on the site:

Movies written by Dardano Sacchetti: Have you ever noticed how many films this dude wrote in the 1980’s? I have. Here are the results.

Possession films: If it rips off The Exorcist, it’s in here.

The films of Mary Woronov: She’s in so many of our faves that I had to make a list.

Post Apocalyptic Films: I have seen more than a handful.

Portmanteaus: If it’s Amicus, it’s in here.

The films of Lucio Fulci: All Fulci, all the time.

That’s not a real movie…: Some of my favorite films to discuss are in here.

Head on over and check them out. I can’t wait to see your lists too!



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