NORTH OF THE BORDER HORROR: Midnight Matinee (1989)

Supposedly, this is a made for TV movie, but there is enough violence and f-bombs that I wonder. Perhaps our friends in Canada are allowed to swear that much. That said — they seem so polite, I kind of doubt it.

The movie starts with a movie within a movie (can I say movie again in this sentence) ending with a murder in real life that echoes the movie (I can say it again). And that movie has a scene in it which is a complete ripoff of Kevin Bacon’s death in the first Friday the 13th.

That tragedy shuts the town and the theater down, My Bloody Valentine-style. Yet when the theater opens up again, people start dying again. And oh hey — say hello to William B. Davis, who the Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files, playing a horror director.

This is the directorial debut of Richard Martin, son of Laugh-In‘s Dick Martin. And now you know. That said, of all the Canadian horror I watched, this was the most boring. So perhaps you should avoid this one.

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