A man runs into the night as a woman clad head to toe in body armor gives chase. She has a zombie on a leash that she uses to kill the man. And boom — I’m in as Dead Shack begins.

Jason is meeting up with his friend Colin’s family — sister Summer, dad Roger and dad’s new girlfriend Lisa (Valerie Tian, Juno) — to stay in a cabin in the woods that they got off Craig’s List for way too cheap.

Everyone gets bored quickly and heads out for a hike, where they see the sheer lunacy going on inside the home of the neighbor we saw earlier. She’s played by Lauren Holly (Dumb and Dumber) and soon, she’s looking to take out the family and/or add them to her family of zombies.

Writer/director Peter Ricq puts together a nice little Sam Raimi tribute here — complete with the she-bitch line getting lifted. There are plenty of practical effects and no shortage of gore. Ricq’s band The Humans feature prominently on the soundtrack, too.

You can catch Dead Shack on Shudder right now. It’s a quick watch that I enjoyed. It won’t change your life, but it’s perfect for an entertaining evening. My favorite part was the costume design and poster look — which got me to watch this in the first place!

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