AMERICAN GIALLO starts Sunday!

If you’ve been reading this site for awhile, you know how much we love giallo. Well, next week, we’ll be covering American versions of the genre. I’ve been obsessed for awhile with how these films take what we expect from giallo — fashion, music, colors, murder, strangeness — and looks at them with Western eyes.

This week, we’ll cover these films:

Manhunter: Michael Mann’s take on the first book in the Silence of the Lambs, filled with intense editing, camerawork and color theory.

Alice, Sweet Alice: Bill Van Ryn of Groovy Doom and Drive-In Asylum guests stars, covering one of his favorite films.

Schizoid: Klaus Kinski! Marianna Hill! Incest! Murder!

Blackout: The perfect mix of all we love: giallo and TV movie in one!

Dressed to Kill: Brian DePalma’s film has been compared to Hitchcock for decades. But perhaps it’s closer to Argento.

Sliver: A sex-starved divorcee moves into a building where everything is filmed in this  scummy 90’s forgotten favorite.

We can’t wait to discuss these films with you! See you Sunday!

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