CHRISTMAS CINEMA: Mother Krampus (2017)

This movie is brought to you by our friend Paul Andolina, who created the website Wrestling with Film.

On the day I rented The Elf, I also rented Mother Krampus. Mother Krampus is a film from the United Kingdom where it is titled more aptly 12 Deaths of Christmas. A mother, Vanessa and her daughter, Amy have come to spend the holidays with her father, Amy’s grandpa as it turns out Amy’s father is spending time with another woman. It is based on the tale of Frau Perchta but has more to do with tales of witch hunts gone bad as a local lady is blamed for the deaths and disappearances of children back in the 90’s. The disappearances are happening again and the townsfolk are quite worried. You see the townsfolk disemboweled and hung her. Now she or something has seemingly returned to enact vengeance as she said would happen when she cursed the townsfolk before her death.

This film is a bloody, dark, Grimm’s fairy tale with a heaping dash of mystery. You never really quite know what the hell is going on. People are dying, disappearing and getting cut up with cookie cutters and fried up extra crispy. If you like your horror movies dark, bloody, and confusing this will be right up your alley. At times I forgot this movie was even set during Christmas because it’s set in England and there isn’t a drop of snow. The festive lights, candy, and trees seem to be there to remind you this does indeed take place on Christmas. I knew Frau Perchta was known as the Christmas witch but sometimes you just don’t feel the festiveness that comes along with these sorts of films.

There are some odd choices made in this movie, especially the part where Perchta roars like a bloody Tyrannosaurus for no apparent reason at all. I think I may have enjoyed this a bit more with some liquor but it was a competently made film. I may have just been done with movies for the day and was being unfairly sour towards the film but it just didn’t seem to fall in place and work for me. Others may enjoy it and I did to an extent but it just left an odd taste in my mouth. By the time they reveal what is actually going on I was already checked out but I will probably give this movie another shot sometime. Unless you are really into folklore and slashers you may want to give this one a Christmas pass.

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