CHRISTMAS CINEMA: Red Christmas (2017)

Hey — a new Christmas themed horror movie on Netflix! Is it worth watching? Well, that depends.

To me, this seemed even more stressful than Home for the Holidays. It concerns a family that nearly hates one another, all made up of stereotypes, who meet in the Australian outback for the holidays. Eh, let’s get into it.

Twenty years ago, an abortion clinic was bombed but a baby survived. Cut to today and that aforementioned family gathers at the home of matriarch Diane (Dee Wallace, Critters, The House of the Devil). Meanwhile, Cletus, a man in rags and bandages, shows up to upset everyone before the film turns into a slasher.

There are some creative kills and an interesting take that Diane ended up raising a son with Down’s Syndrome but may have wanted to abort him. But Cletus is near impossible to understand without subtitles and no one is likable enough to worry about them when they are murdered.

It also has a misogynist pro-life slant: abortion is wrong. Women that get abortions are evil. Substitute people that have abortions for people who fuck in the woods and you have a movie. Sadly, it’s not a very good one. Supposedly, this is a dark comedy. I found it dark, but nowhere near humorous. Your mileage, however, may vary.

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