I cried while I watched the end of Fahrenheit 451.

Sure, every generation has its doomsday, but I feel like mine was hit pretty hard. From the constant worry of nuclear war — oh hey, that one is back again — and movies like The Day After to AIDS, serial killers, Satanic panic, fires, floods and killer bees, the kids of the 70’s saw the end of the world…fuck, we lived through the end of the world.

We took the end of the world and made it our culture, through films as diverse as Westworld to Mad Max, Brazil and so many more. We embraced the end of the world. And then, we thought ourselves past it.

We don’t get into political commentary here on this site. Suffice to say that Becca and Sam are sometimes on the opposite side of the left/right equation and other times, right on the same page. We’re respectful and empathetic of one another’s views, in marked contrast to the rest of the world.

But the reason for exploring these films is to see what people saw the future would be like, because the future we got? It’s not looking too good.

Starting Monday, we’ll explore five films that look at the future from several perspectives. This is but the first in a series of these, because there are so many films to watch, contemplate and comment on.

Logan’s Run: The future is perfect. Every pleasure can be yours. You just have to die when you turn thirty, that’s all.

A Boy and His Dog: Don Johnson. Harlan Ellison. A telekinetic dog. Yes, please.

1990: The Bronx Warriors: An Italian ripoff mixture of The WarriorsMad Max and Bob Fosse. You read that right.

Idaho Transfer: Peter Fonda directed this amateur starring production about teenagers traveling to the end of time.

Gas-s-s: Country Joe and the Fish, hippies and God show up to watch everyone over the age of 25 die in this Roger Corman movie.

See you on Monday!

(The image here comes from the old fallout shelter signage. When I was a kid, I would stare at it all day while other kids were playing in the playground, assured that soon, the world would be ash and that I’d soon be exploring the wastelands, avoiding Lord Humongous.)

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