Stephen King week starts Monday

Sure, It is in theaters, but over the next week, we’re going to be watching some of the Stephen King movies that we really love — the ones that most people ignore. After all, isn’t that what we do best?

Here’s what’s in store, starting Monday:

Cat’s Eye – Three tales, all connected by one heroic cat, featuring tons of references to other King tales.

Maximum Overdrive – The only King adaption that he directed himself, where machines come to life and kill humans as AC/DC music plays.

Sleepwalkers – Aliens. Gore. Cats. Incest. This one has it all.

Needful Things – King doing what King does — small town secrets dooming a New England town.

Silver Bullet – The movie that contains the answer to that age old question: Who would win, a souped up wheelchair or a werewolf?

See you on Monday!

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