Yor’s World: The Inspiration

I’m not ready to say goodbye to Yor just yet. Not when there’s one more thing left to share — the inspiration behind the film!

Yor was adapted from an Argentine comic known as Henga el Cazador, which was republished in Italy as Yor. It was based on an original idea by the artist Juan Zanotto, with scripts from Eugenio Zappietro and Alfredo Julio Grassi. I’ve grabbed a few of the pages of the book to share. Interestingly, the movie is pretty faithful to the comic, minus the tripped out sequences that would cost tons of money to film. But the story beats are the same.

In this page, Yor and Kala make sweet, sweet love in a page that looks to be inspired by Steranko’s famous love scene between Nick Fury and La Contessa Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine in Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2.

Here’s a great shot of the entire cast with the Overlord looming behind them. It’s pretty amazing how close the film gets to some of the comic art, especially Yor himself.

These two pages, with Kala battling Roa and Roa’s death, are amazing. You can really see the difference between the low budget movie and the lyrical nature of the comic, which would not be out of place in Heavy MetalCreepyEerie or 1984.

Thanks for sticking with a week of Yor. It’s seriously one of my favorite films ever, despite its many flaws. It’s a way of returning to the past — not the prehistoric one — but a time of summer vacation and not having any adult problems. A crazy barbarian battling dinosaurs while women throw themselves at him, Yor was as far away from 12 year old me as it got. Which is probably where my fascination comes from. You should see it for yourself.

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