We’re turning back the clock next week to the thrilling days of TV movies — not those insipid SyFy ones — and bringing you some slabs of CBS and ABC goodness. This is but the first of many TV movie weeks — depending on your feedback — and we’re excited to share them with you!

The Night Stalker — Darren McGavin, 1970s Las Vegas, vampires and the power of the free press. Add them all up and you get one of my favorite movies ever.

Bad Ronald — What if a murderous teenager stuck in a fantasy world lived in the walls of your house? Find out!

Trilogy of Terror — Three stories, all with Karen Black, all awesome.

Satan’s School for Girls — Of course I’m gonna watch a movie with a title like this. But can it live up to such a great name?

Gargoyles — Satan’s children come back to life and attempt to take over the Earth…but first they have to deal with an author, his daughter, small town cops and a bunch of motocross guys.

The fun starts Monday!


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