The Parent Trap (1998)

Remember The Parent Trap? Well, this is a reimagining with Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson as Nick Parker and Elizabeth James, a couple that divorced after the birth of their twin daughters, Hallie Parker and Annie James, which seems like a strange way to settle a divorce, but hey, that’s how the story has worked since Erich Kästner wrote Lisa and Lottie.

Nancy Meyers was the right person to create this, as she wrote Father of the Bride and this was the first movie she would direct. It was written by her husband at the time, Charles Shyer, who she worked with on Private BenjaminJumpin’ Jack Flash and Baby Boom.

There’s a lot in common between the two movies beyond the story itself. Joanna Barnes appears in both films, playing Vicky Robinson in the original and Vicki Blake, the mother of Meredith Blake (Elaine Hendrix), who is the same character she was in her youth. The song “Let’s Get Together” gets sung, the bunkhouse is named Arapahoe and the grandfather has the same smell of tobacco and peppermint.

Hayley Mills would say, “It was so like the one I did, and yet not. But I thought it was really good.”

It makes me feel old to discover that this movie is 25 years old. There will be another remake and I’ll remember all the ones that came before. Lohan is really great in this and it started her career. She’d play twins again in I Know Who Killed Me, but that’s a totally different movie.

Also: the captain of the Queen Elizabeth 2? That’s Dean Cundey.

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