Tubi picks 32

I took a break to recharge and see when Tubi would add some new films and wow — it’s literally overflowing with some great picks if I do say so myself. Enjoy!

1. Alice or the Last Escapade: TUBI LINK

Claude Chabrol directing a French surrealistic retelling of Alice in Wonderland with Sylvia Kristel in the lead. Why are you not watching this now?

2. Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You!: TUBI LINK

or and rocker Neil Stuart (co-writer Matt Farley) has returned to the small New England city of Rivertown that he left in disgrace after growing obsessed by a riverbeast. His fiancee is marrying someone else. His enemy, reporter Sparky Watts, is still hounding him to no end. And maybe his new student, the daughter of a noted pro athlete Frank Stone, has way too many questions. But this time, he just might turn his life around. And you know, prove that the creek-living creature is an actual thing DO NOT MISS THIS MOVIE.

3. Valerie and Her Week of Wonders: TUBI LINK

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders is based on the 1935 Vítezslav Nezval novel. Much like that work, this movie is a work of surrealism and one of the films that I can best point to being part of a genre I’ve been referring to as “dark childhood” films, which I’ve come to represent as movies that use the supernatural to explain the pains of oncoming adulthood. Do not miss the opportunity to watch this.

4. Reform School Girls: TUBI LINK

Wendi O. Williams and Sybil Danning in the same movie? What else does one need?

5. The Canyons: TUBI LINK

The Canyons feels so unlike every other movie out there, nearly feeling like the most high budget adult movie while also coming off like a cheap direct to streaming movie with some level of star power.

6. Creature from Black Lake: TUBI LINK

If you’re up for seeing college students try and get laid while eating burgers and hunting Bigfoot, then this is probably the exact movie you’re looking for.

7. Tough Guys Don’t Dance: TUBI LINK

This is a movie about, by and for cocaine; a film in which the term imbroglio is said; where everyone is so sexed up that you can almost smell the Pine-sol scent of an adult book store’s neon flashing into the cold and foggy niht beckoning couples that are ready to decimate their lives for momentary and fleeting glimpses of the kind of orgasms they read about in letters to Penthouse; where women say things like, “Well, honey, I am a witch” and throw seance parties. Again, this is a must watch.

8. Martin: TUBI LINK

I don’t know how Martin got on Tubi and I don’t even care what the print looks like. The fact that this once nearly impossible to find movie is available for free whenever you want to see it is proof that life can sometimes be OK.

9. Maniac Cop: TUBI LINK

I just watched this at the drive-in and I don’t really know if I can love a movie any more than this.

10. Rolling Thunder: TUBI LINK

Tubi is the mom and pop video store of streaming services. The good news? Rolling Thunder is always in.

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