APRIL MOVIE THON 2: Tubi Exclusive: The Secrets of Christmas Revealed! (2021)

April 24: Do You Like Tubi Originals? — I do. You should find one and write about it. Here’s a list to help.

If you’ve watched any basic cable conspiracy or paranormal shows, you’re going to love this. It breaks down how Santa does everything he does as if it’s discussing the way the pyramids were built or how the Loch Ness Monster gets around.

From a Santa Zoom call with Santas all over the globe to a Mattel designer discussing how the toy company has a secret deal with the North Pole and an appearance by comic book artist Dean Haspiel, this may go on a bit too long, but when it works, it works. If you love Krampus, there’s plenty here about not just how they work together but what great friends they are.

Shout out to the Letterboxd reviewer who said, “So this movie is neoliberal propaganda.” Then, they went into how this movie is trying to normalize that by taking over Santa instead of just making him evil. I’m not sure if they’re kidding.

I watched this in April. That does not seem to be the time to watch anything cute about Christmas, but that’s the kind of writing I put out there, right?

You can watch this on Tubi.

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