APRIL MOVIE THON 2: Hustler Squad (1975)

April 15: King Yourself! — Pick a movie released by Crown International Pictures. Here’s a list!

Their orders: LOVE your enemy…then KILL HIM!

Major Stony Stonewall (John Ericson) has been given a mission: kill off a group of Japanese officers while they’re in a brothel in the Philippines. That means it’s time for a dirty one-third dozen: a sex worker on the run from organized crime by the name of Cindy Lee Dawson (Crystin Sinclaire, Crazy Alice from Caged Heat and Libby from Eaten Alive), the sexually overcharged killing machine known as Rose Carson (Nory Wright, Cover Girl Models), a Scandinavian nurse named Anna Oleson (Johanna Raunio) with a death sentence thanks to a terminal illness and Sonya (Liza Lorena), who was assaulted by Japanese troops after they murdered her entire extended family. 

They’re aided by Lieutenant West (Karen Ericson, wife of the hero in actual life) and a rebel leader named Paco (Ramon Ravilla). Seeing as how this as made in the Philippines, this has Vic Diaz in it, of course, but my favorite character is the Japanese admiral who is nothing like the animals that the propaganda has led the girls to believe that he may be.

Set in the 40s but feeling like it’s the 70s — outside of the big band music that plays during the training — this movie promises sleaze and only has women talking about how much they want sex and not getting it. Director Cesar Gallardo also made Bamboo Gods and Iron Men and somehow in this film, he figured out a way to make attractive women turned into killers boring.

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