Chrissy Judy (2022)

Directed, written, edited by and starring Todd Flaherty, Chrissy Judy is the story of a determined gay man whose best friend and drag sister suddenly finds love, leaving him a solo act in both his personal and professional life. Can these two men split and find what’s been missing in both of their lives?

Chrissy (Wyatt Fenner) and Judy (Flaherty) have a duo drag show that’s starting to get noticed. But when Chrissy decides that it’s time to grow up and see if anything can happen with Shawn (Kiyon Spencer), she moves to Philadelphia. Judy is left alone for the first time and must figure out not just art, but life as an individual.

Shot in black and white, this movie has an interesting message: even if you choose your own family, you still need to create a life for yourself, with a job, relationships and reasons to be outside of the people that keep us sane and prop us up.

Chrissy Judy is in select theaters and is also available on demand and on DVD from Dark Star Pictures.

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