APRIL MOVIE THON 2: Desperate Measures (1998)

April 12: 412 Day — A movie about Pittsburgh (if you’re not from here that’s our area code). Or maybe one made here. Heck, just write about Striking Distance if you want.

While Desperate Measures is set and partially shot in San Francisco, the Allegheny County Jail in downtown Pittsburgh is the setting for the first part of this tense film, in which widowed police detective Frank Conner (Andy Garcia) finds out that his nemesis Peter McCabe (Pittsburgh native Michael Keaton) is a perfect bone donor match for his leukemia-suffering son Matt (Joseph Cross).

Based on the novel by David Klaas, who also wrote the script, this was directed by Barbet Schroeder, who also directed Barfly and Single White Female. It also has Marcia Gay Harden as the doctor who is to get the bone marrow, Brian Cox as Captain Jeremiah Cassidy and Richard Riehle as Warden Ed Fayne.

You know going in that McCabe is going to escape, but the surprise is how far Conner is going to go to save his son, even costing fellow cops their lives. And hey — there’s Tracey Walter — Bob the Goon — as a criminal!

Pittsburgh works for this movie, as Grant Street is a brick road like many in San Francisco. The. hospital is actually One Mellon Bank Center, in case you’re trying to figure out which UPMC or Allegheny Health Network building it is.

This was made the same year as Jack Frost, with Keaton playing the father who comes back as Jack Frost after he passes on and Cross as his son Charlie.

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