Making her theatrical debut in 1947, Jeanne Moreau went from actress and singer to director and screenwriter with this film, one of three she’d direct (along with L’Adolescente and Lillian Gish). It’s a semi-autobiographical tale about the lives four actresses, their loves and their friendship.

Nearing forty, Sarah (Moreau) invites her best friend Laura (Lucia Bosè, ArcanaSomething Creeping In the Dark), Caroline (Caroline Cartier, The Nude Vampire) and Julienne (Francine Racette, Four Flies On Grey Velvet) to stay a few days. Each woman has a tale of love to share — which makes this ironic that it’s a New World distributed picture, as it’s a classier version of the narrative in their occupation films — as Sarah has just left her longtime lover. Laura may be pregnant, but is having an affair with a woman. Caroline is unlucky in love and Julienne is dealing with the overly amorous attentions of an American actor (Keith Carradine).

Some could say this is a self-indulgent film about the women that Moreau knew. But it was all rather interesting and shows a side of women of a certain age that we never really get to see on film and is therefore brave of Moreau to share with us.

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