CRAM (2021)

Marc (John DiMino) has put off his final paper way too long, so that leads him to a late night in the library and falling asleep, at which point his paper gets stolen and he’s lured deeper into the mysterious world of the demonic Dewey Decimal System.

Directed and written by Abie Sidell, this movie puts Marc up against The Master of the Books (Brandon Burton) and the strange creatures and worlds that live within the stacks.

Where the most we can learn from most horror is to not have sex in the woods or go back home to deal with family business, Cram is unique in that it has a real message that’s worth living up to: don’t leave things until the last minute. Also, maybe don’t go to graduation parties where you don’t know anyone and still take a weed-lace cookie.

There’s a lot going on — copy machines printing endless F grades for Marc, a couple making out that disappears, strange monsters lurking — and the story just kind of ambles around, but I found all of it rather charming. Sidell is pretty talented and this is a great film for a first full length.

Cram is now on Tubi from Terror Films.

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