MILL CREEK BLU RAY RELEASE: Thrillers from the Vault

Mill Creek’s Thrillers from the Vault set includes The Black Room, The Man They Could Not HangBefore I HangThe Devil Commands, The Man With Nine Lives, The Boogie Man Will Get YouThe Return of the Vampire and Five, all movies that came from Columbia. They look great in blu ray form and you also get a documentary, Madness and Mayhem: Horror in the 30s and 40s.

Here’s an overview of each of the films:

The Black RoomTwin brothers are born to a ruling family. One twin inherits a castle and becomes infamous for his sadistic behavior and murders the other twin, assuming his identity. This has a commentary track by Dr. Steve Hoberman.

The Man They Could Not HangA doctor working on experiments to restore life to the dead is hanged for murder. Brought back to life by his assistant, he sets about murdering the jury that convicted him. Commentary track by C. Courtney Joyner and Heath Holland.

Before I HangSentenced to die for a mercy death, a doctor spends his final days on his experiments. Before his end, he injects himself with serum from a maniac’s blood to deadly effect.

The Man With Nine LivesA scientist seeks a cure for cancer by freezing bodies in suspended animation, eventually freezing himself. Thawed 10 years later, he continues his research using his enemies.

The Devil CommandsA scientist obsessed with communication beyond the grave registers brain activity in a corpse. When he escalates his work taking desperate measures, the bodies begin to pile up. There’s also a commentary track by Tom Weaver.

The Boogie Man Will Get YouAn addled scientist and a conniving huckster attempt scientific experiments in the basement of a hotel, leaving bodies piling up in the cellar in this comedic thriller. This has a commentary track by Larry Strothe, Matt Weinhold, Shawn Sheridan and James Gonis from Monster Party Podcast.

The Return of the VampireA 200-year-old vampire prowls the countryside feeding on villagers until a railroad spike is driven through his heart. He is entombed for decades until a German bomb releases him.

FiveA woman and four men survive a nuclear explosion and seek shelter in a house. They must work together, but their clashing visions of the future could lead to their destruction. Includes a commentary track from Tom Waver and Larry Blamire.

This is a great set that has so many of the Columbia films that were part of the Son of Shock Theater TV package, along with Five, which may not thematically fit in with the light horror on this, but is still a worthwhile movie.

You can get Mill Creek’s Thrillers from the Vault from Deep Discount.

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