TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Immortal City Records (2023)

If you are the heroine of a Tubi original, I urge you to never work for anyone, never meet your heroes and don’t hire any assistants or be one yourself.

After she takes a job at Immortal City Records, Drea (Mea Wilkerson) thinks that she’s finally about to make all of her dreams real. She’s getting to hang out with the artists she grew up listening to and even better, they’re actually listening to her on stage and in the studio. And she’s even getting to sing on some tracks. So why does it feel so wrong?

The label is run by a legendary rapper named Eighth Immortal (RonReaco Lee) and his wife Sapphire (D. Woods). She instantly is rude and nearly violent with Drea, but she’s able to succeed and find love with a young rapper named T Strong (Terrence Green). Yet it seems like even when Drea is enjoying fame and everything that comes with it, she’s also stuck with a rapidly losing his mind Eighth Immortal who is waving his gun around even at breakfast.

Originally titled Fear and Hip HopImmortal City Records was directed by Patricia Cuffie-Jones, who gets how streaming works and has directed several holiday movies along with a few TV movies. She wrote the script as well and Colin Edward Lawrence wrote the story.

If you don’t have time for all those seasons of Empire, this movie has you covered. It’s exactly why I keep watching Tubi originals: they’re like dollar store candy. I keep eating the whole bag and it’s affordable — free with commercials! — to watch another. I don’t expect gourmet chocolate and we all get along with the agreement that we have made.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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