Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge (2022)

Scare Package was a fun reminder of the days of renting stacks of horror videos and seeing how many you can watch in one weekend. The sequel begins with the funeral of Rad Chad Buckley (Jeremy King), killed by a demon in the first film, but his videotaped last will and testament ends up bringing all of the funeral guests into a series of games and traps to remind them of the power of video horror.

Except for creator and main director Aaron B. Koontz, Anthony Cousins was the only segment director to return from the original. That said, there’s some fun stuff here:

Alexandra Barreto directed and wrote “Welcome to the 90s,” which takes place on New Year’s Eve 1989, as a masked killer named Tony (Joshua Miller, who also did special effects for this) keeps trying to kill a sorority filled with thingly disguised versions of final girls who keep being saved by Buffy (Steph Barkley) just as the fun girls would soon take over as horror stars.

“The Night He Came Back Again! Part VI: The Night She Came Back” continues the slasher remix from the first film but adds a very Strode twist to the entire affair. I dug this, even if it’s much of the same humor from the first installment. This was directed by Anthony Cousins and written by Cousins, Ryan Schaddelee and Anthony Karsko.

Jed Shepherd’s “Special Edition” stars all of the women from the movie Host and is all about the ability to pause Three Men and a Baby to see the exact cursed moment within that movie.

“We’re So Dead” by Koontz somehow mixes the heart of Stephen King’s teen heroes with the gore of a Stuart Gordon movie.

While this doesn’t work as well for me as the original, there are moments that made me laugh. Any cast that includes Dustin Rhodes, Graham Skipper and Kelli Maroney, as well as a soundtrack that includes Dragon Sound’s “Friends Forever” and Stan Bush’s “Thunder In Your Heart” can’t be all bad, though. It helps get you past the sub-Saw moments and at times forced humor. There are times when horror fans get too overly reverential and referential if you know what I mean.

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