Dragon Eats Eagle (2022)

Directed and written by Noah Marks, this is the story of Madam Evergreen (Kathy Richter), who after losing the Presidential election gets two agents — Ralph (Charlie Ferrara) and Tucker (Harrison Marx) — to activate a Chinese virus so that the elderly politician Leeroy Bishop (Richard Masley) can win the election and stop the virus. Oh yeah — they’re also immortal and have been kidnapped by Vict President Hoosier (Mark Gross) who wants to win the election himself.

Yeah. I think we’ve all lived through enough badness politically on all sides that I can say that completely apolitically I didn’t enjoy this. It just goes on and on and it’s quite hard to poke fun at either side of the aisle when their daily errors are so laughable that they almost seem like a bad comedy sketch in real life.

I saw a review on IMDB that said, “There’s no way the censorship apparatus will permit this to become popular. Currently above six stars, guarantee it falls precipitously.”

You know, sometimes things can just suck outside of politics. They can just suck on their own.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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