Twisted (2022)

Vibeke Muasya, who directed and co-wrote this film with Nikolaj Scherfig (who was in the script and continuity department for Nicolas Winding Refn’s Pusher), has created a dark and intriguing film here.

Hannah (Madeleine Masson) has suffered since the death of her father and how much her mother Silvia (Karen Leigh Sharp) has started intruding into her life. Yet her issues aren’t over yet, as her boyfriend Andy (Christopher Rector) dies in a hunting accident within hours of cheating on her with her supposed best friend Raven (Lexy Ronning), who has since disappeared.

As for how much her mother helps her recover, she tells her that they have to leave town before any else horrible happens. So who is losing it? Daughter or mother?

The deaths in this movie are filled with destructive energy while the pace and animosity between Hannah and her mother slowly curls and darkens as the film moves towards an ending that you can read so many ways. I had no real expectation for this and was shocked how well made it was and just how overcast and even pitch black this became at times.

Twisted is now available on demand.

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