The Rise of the Beast (2022)

A group of activists breaks into a corporate facility to put an end to animal testing but little did they know that there’s literally a Kong-like ape being held inside and once loose, he won’t care who gets in his way and who has to die for him to be free.

Directed by Jack Ayers, written by Max Brooks — yes, the guy who wrote World War Z — and produced by Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews, who have brought so many made for streaming horror films our way was of late, The Rise of the Beast has a CGI monster that doesn’t always appear to be in the same physical space as the actors he’s menacing, but I think this year is the year I get past stuff like that and just say, “Well, we’re never going back to rubber suits or miniatures.”

It’s a movie smart enough to name its evil company the Darrow Corporation and have a Dr. Kafka be in charge, yet still dumb enough to have people running and screaming from a maddened monkey. There are times this wants to be a satire, other times it’s super serious and it does in all in under 80 minutes, which is some kind of small victory.

The Rise of the Beast is now available on digital and on DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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