Can’t Be Stopped (2022)

Graffiti art may have started with a bad name, but has become a revolution throughout the world and has cemented itself as one of the largest art movements in history. Hollywood’s Can’t Be Stopped crew is one of the most influential and recognizable graffiti crews of all time and this movie tells both the history of the art itself and how this group has contributed to it.

As their Skate works to create a surrogate family that can protect these artists from the streets, they all learn lessons in integrity, morality and respect. Unbeknownst to these young artists, the tagging that they were doing was a pioneering force and would shape the art world for the future.

Directed by Cody Smith over a ten-year period, this features 2Mex, Marc 7, alchemist, Brandon 2 Tone,  Anger, Ares, Atlas, Aura, Awol One, Mickey Avalon, Beri, Baba, Bleek, Blosom, Chaz Bojorquez. Hex Cbs, Tony “Az” Carmona, Chip, Circus, Simon Chan, Cisco, Clae, Joe Connolly, Creeper, Crook, Demno, Dime, Duel, Dytch, Esel, Evidence, Yaniv Evan, Exel, Exer, Kelly “Risk” Graval, Haste, Ash Hudson, Rakaa Iriscience, L.A. Jae, Jigs, Just, Kasl, Krash, Andre Legacy, Louiche Mayorga, Mek, Mers, Myk, Myka 9, Nace, D.J. Rob One, Mear One, Alex Pardee, Pastime, Peri, Perk, Phever, Pjay, Plek, Posh, Power, Prae, Pyro, Quake, Raymond Roker, Saber, Sandman, Seen, Shifty. Shot, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Simple, Size, Skate, Skego, Manny Skiles, Snoe, Spanto, Strip, Take, Tezer, Hex Tgo, Topr, Tren, Trigz, Tyer, Unit, DJ Lethal, Pink Uti, David Arquette, Jon Bernthal and Xpres and is narrated by Everlast.

If you want an overview of the scene or want to learn more about graffiti, this is a great start.

You can get this from MVD.

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