TUBI picks 25

Better late than never, I guess, when it comes to this week’s Tubi picks.

You can catch up with all of the past weeks on this Letterboxd list.

1.  Midnight: TUBI LINK

Lynn Redgrave is Elvira in a movie made by the director of The Black Room in a murder mystery that has Frank Gorshin and Wolfman Jack.

2. Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters: TUBI LINK

Little Red Riding Hood (Maria Gracia) and Tom Thumb (Cesáreo Quezadas, also known as Pulgarcito) aren’t content to live out the fairy tales that we know them from (or in Tom Thumb’s case, being a member of P.T. Barnum’s circus). No, they seek out and battle the La Reina Bruja — the Queen Witch — who has an army full of monsters. This movie is going to destroy you.

3. Delirium: TUBI LINK

A vet is hired by right-wingers to clean up the streets from crooks and homeless people, but when he starts killing everyone, things get out of hand in this video nasty.

4. The Theater Bizarre: TUBI LINK

A co-production between Severin Films and Metaluna Productions, each director was given the same budget, schedule and narrative directive. Other than that, they were given free rein to create their own story. The results may not be even, but you can tell that this was made by filmmakers who understand that a horror anthology can be a very powerful movie.

5. Santa Claus: TUBI LINK

This movie has so many insane ideas, it’s difficult to summarize them. From learning that demons primarily eat hot coals to the fact that every child that works for Santa must wear a racist costume that denotes their country of origin (all Japanese children wear kimonos, all Americans are cowboys), this is a movie brimming with barely concealed menace. Watch it immediately.

6. Kristy: TUBI LINK

Thanksgiving may be over but this slasher is so good you can watch it any time of the year.

7. A Cat In the Brain: TUBI LINK

Lucio Fulci has made too many movies and has lost his mind, using the effects of the movies he lent his name to illustrate his psychosis. At the January 1996 Fangoria Horror Convention in New York City, he would appear on crutches with a bandaged foot, two months before death, and proclaim that Wes Craven stole this idea. You go, ranting crazy maestro.

8. The Living Dead Girl: TUBI LINK

Jess Franco presents a story of love, blood drinking, setting photographers on fire and mildew-ridden castles, all set in a world where everyone — even you — is on drugs.

9. Godmonster of Indian Flats: TUBI LINK

Frederic Hobbs was an artist who went from the traditional to a whole way of presenting art, creating parade sculptures that took art from the museum to the people. That’s when he figured it out — to get the people to see something as art, you should hide it in a film. He made this movie, Roseland and Alabama’s Ghost; I can definitely say each of those movies are fucking insane.

10. Nightbeast: TUBI LINK

At the same time John Waters was making people puke on one side of Baltimore, Don Doehler was doing the same. One made strange comedies; the other made low budget science fiction and horror. Both loved film. Get into this one!


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