Alien Danger 2! With Raven Van Slender (2021)

Much like Alien Danger! With Raven Van Slender, this was directed by James Balsamo, who co-wrote it with Bill Victor Arucan and Sephdok Ramone. All three of these men appear in multiple roles in this film, along with cameos from Beefcake the Mighty from Gwar, Rob Halford, Doug Bradley voicing the nefarious General Legs, Sgt. Slaughter, Barry Darsow (Smash from Demolition), The Barbarian, The Warlord, John Landis, Lanny Poffo and Vernon Wells as The Shadow Knight.

This movie has everything from Sherwood Forest to an Egyptian Martian mummy, an intergalactic Ouija board and some of the worst puns you’ve heard since grade school and I say that with complete affection. Imagine if Star Trek had a worse budget and used extensive green screen but Guardians of the Galaxy came before it and you’ll have an idea of what this is all about. That said, I’m not sure if you can even quantify just how much fun it is to watch.

You can buy this directly from the filmmakers at this site.

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