The Wild Man: Skunk Ape (2021)

Young women have been going missing in Florida and the police can’t solve the case. A journalist named Saraf (Lauren Crandall) is investigating but feels like she’s not welcome. She ends up meeting a conspiracy theorist (David E. McMahon) who believes that the Wild Man of the swamps is behind it all. Her crew thinks he’s crazy but as they get closer and deeper into the swamp, he may be totally right.

Look, I’ll watch any Bigfoot movies and I’m more than excited that this movie has a skunk ape in it, which gets way more into the subspecies of the Bigfoot family tree, if you will. Throw in Michael Pare and you knew I was going to check this one out. I also love that this turns into a conspiracy movie where the government is behind all of this. The imagination of this film outdoes its budget and that’s something I love to see.

The Wild Man is available on Tubi from Terror Films.

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