Hey — sorry I missed last week. Here are some Tubi picks to make up for it.

1. The Fourth VictimTUBI LINK

Arthur Anderson (Michael Craig) a wealthy Englishman with two previous wives who’ve also died suddenly and mysteriously, just like his third wife, who has just drowned. The very night he is acquitted, Julie (Carroll Baker) breaks into his house, which is a giallo meet cute, and becomes his fourth wife. Eugenio Martín also directed Horror Express and  It Happened at Nightmare Inn, so you know this is a winner.

2. Footprints on the Moon: TUBI LINK

Alice Cespi (Florinda Bolkan, A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin) watched a strange film in her childhood called “Footprints on the Moon,” in which astronauts were stranded on the moon’s surface by her father. Now, she keeps dreaming of this movie and the only sleep she gets is from drugs. Oh man, this movie is so much my dream movie.

3. Dawn Breaks Behind the Eyes: TUBI LINK

Why should you watch this? Well, the directly called out Bava’s The Whip and the Body and Jean Rollin’s The Iron Rose as influences. This is a movie that embodies all that is magical about Eurohorror.

4. Silent Scream: TUBI LINK

A troubled production, Rebecca Balding in the lead, Cameron Mitchell and a movie that was shot twice? I’m here for all of it.

5. Dead Silence: TUBI LINK

I know James Wan makes big Hollywood movies and I know this is a dumb movie, but for some reason I love it. It’s just so completely insipid that you need to love it. I mean, a town of puppet people? It goes for it, as the kids say.

6. Red Scorpion: TUBI LINK

A movie produced by a political lobbyist, directed by Joe Zito, starring Dolph Lundgren and distributed on video by Cannon? You just said the magic words.

7. Death Game: TUBI LINK

Have you ever started watching a movie and realized that it was exactly what you needed, when you needed it and then started delivering even more of what you wanted? This is that movie.

8. Head: TUBI LINK

I will forever respect The Monkees for so loudly and amazingly committing career suicide with this film.

9. Rock ‘n Roll High School: TUBI LINK

My favorite musical moment in any movie ever: Riff imagines Joey in her bedroom singing “I Want You Around” to her. It breaks my heart in the best of ways — pure teen worry and angst and then there’s Joey — geeky, gangly, goofball Joey — the hero who comes to her room and there’s this pure puppy love bliss. No other band other than The Ramones could have been in this film and communicated punk rock swagger and danger while still having this tender sweetness.

10. Inferno: TUBI LINK

I think about this movie every single day. If you ever want to hear me talk too much, bring up this movie. That said, I’ve seen it so many times and I really have no idea what’s happening for most of it. It’s awesome.

One thought on “TUBI PICKS: Week 22

  1. I remember Teri Garr saying the reason it was called Head was so that if Raefelson and Nicholson ever got together on another film they could advertise it as being from the men who gave you Head.


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