TUBI EXCLUSIVE: A Party To Die For (2022)

Sadie (Jonetta Kaiser) is trying to get her life together after a brush with the cops. Working in her cousin’s clothing store, she dreams of a better and much richer life, which is why she finds spending time with Owen (Jermaine Rivers) and Jessica (Kara Royster) so incredible.

Owen trusts Sadie so much that he allows her to stay at his house. Trying to pretend she’s rich, she invites Jessica and a crew of partygoers over, but that night, she watches Jessica kill someone and then helps her hide the body. Sadie gets in way over her head and then has to deal with a detective named Jessica (Kara Royster) trying to get to the bottom of everything. Now Sadie is caught between her former best friend and perhaps going back to jail. And do you really think the cops are going to believe her?

Director and writer Nanea Miyata has made the kind of movie that you once had to watch on Lifetime, but now Tubi has you covered. Look, some free advice, but if you wake up to someone cooking breakfast mere inches from a corpse, don’t help the killer or let them blackmail you. Just run.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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