Calvin (Andy Gershenzon) is away from his family at a college reunion, preparing a speech, when he meets Rachel (Rebeca Robles), who as we learn as the movie progresses is the great regret of his life. How deep and how wrong that regret is will come out as these two characters continue this conversation over the course of the evening, growing more and more uncomfortable and veering into so much more.

Ninety minutes, two actors, a lifetime of secrets. Director and writer Christopher Denham has put together quite the film here, one that demands that you stay with it at first. Yes, it’s a slow and at times even cliche-ridden conversation between two potential old friends. Yet you need to stay with it. You need to hide like a fly on the wall and see what happens next, because things — many things — happen.

The ending of it all comes as we constantly shift protagonist and antagonist, as the truth comes out, but come on. Once that dildo gets put on the table, we all know where it’s going.

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