Directed and written by Laurence Vannicelli — he also wrote Porno — the logline for this movie is frankly horrifying: “A man’s fiancée starts behaving like his recently deceased mother, leading him to confront his deepest traumas to free her from the bewildering possession.”

Emmett (Kyle Gallner) is the man, Anya (Holland Roden) is the woman and yes indeed, things do get strange. His mother was a famous therapist and her roleplaying session therapy is supposed to get him through this, but the mindgames between man and woman end up becoming man and woman and mom and oh man, that’s a menage a trois no one wants no matter what the Pornhub paradigm tells you.

If you looked at the woman you loved and she started smoking and dressing like your mom, would you stay? Doesn’t every man want to marry his mother? Well, maybe in theory. But is the solution to this story supernatural or just mental manipulation? Maybe heading back home and settling affairs isn’t really the best of ideas, but I say that with every horror movie, because going back home and being confronted by the loss of a parent is a harrowing thing so I can see why so many movies touch on it. This one does it right, does it strange and ends up being more than memorable.

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