SLASHER MONTH: Spliced (2002)

Also known as The Wisher, this Canadian early 2000s horror movie is way better than it has any right to be. Directed by Gavin Wilding and written by Ellen Cook, it has Liane Balaban as Mary, a teenage girl who is obsessed with horror. Her parents refuse to allow her to watch any more of these movies after they cause her to sleepwalk. She sneaks out with her friends to see a movie that literally makes audiences puke called The Wisher and before leaving, wishes that her father would go away. He dies on the way to stop her from going to the movie and now, she sees the Wisher character from the film as others are killed by her wishes, all while Joel Silver tries to be her therapist and Drew Lachey — Nick’s brother — tries to win her over.

The Wisher is such a big deal that it’s the only movie playing at the theater, except for Halloween Resurrection. Then, this gets down to subliminal messages within movies, early 2000s film piracy and the goofy Wisher showing up in the woods. It even has a post-story stinger where the lead’s little sister decides to watch The Wisher on cable — I would watch it, I mean, it has a tree kill a man — and then The Wisher — who this movie just Scooby-Doo explained away — is sitting on the couch next to her.


You can watch this on Tubi.

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