TUBI EXCLUSIVE: Alone In the Dark (2022)

No, not the sadly underrated slasher.

Not the bad video game movie.

This Tubi original is the tale of Bri Collins (Novi Brown), a recently divorced woman who is under house arrest for a year thanks to her ex-husband Michael’s (Christopher Bencomo) crimes. Instead of just getting to hide out and do her time, a stalker who can control her home — this is why I don’t let Alexa control mine — starts trying to kill her.

If you’re expecting this to be a slasher, it’s more of a Lifetime-style woman in danger movie. I mean, that’s fine, but I’d hate if you showed up expecting anything else.

Directed by Brant Daugherty, who co-wrote this with his wife Kimberly (who also is in the movie as best friend Sofia), Bri finally gets sick and tired of getting attacked in a home she can’t leave, so she hires Xavier Johnson (Terrell Carter), a dark and mysterious security guard who is also searching for his missing sister. Do they fall for one another? Do I even need to ask?

Look, I realize these Tubi movies aren’t great, but they’re something I look forward to. This is pretty much by the numbers, but sometimes that’s all you need.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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