Directed and written by Karim Ouelhaj, it’s about Martha (Eline Schumacher) and Félix (Benjamin Ramon), the children of the Butcher of Mons, a notorious Belgian serial killer from the 1990s. Martha lives a normal life while her brother has taken over the work of his father. But when she’s harassed and violently attacked at work, she finds herself in the same twisted mind of her father and brother.

Unable to get back at her accuser at work, Martha soon takes a woman hostage and chains her up, belittling the woman for her looks. Then, Felix joins her, pulling her further into his darkness. All of the pent-up hatred that she has for herself, all the pain and trauma of growing up the daughter of a killer, it all comes out as she attacks her victim.

Just let me warn you now: this is a dark watch, one that will upset nearly everyone who watches it and it doesn’t have the release valve of the slasher. It’s unrelenting blackness, a way too normal world filled with broken people perpetuating the cycle of abuse, violence and pain. I don’t usually give out trigger warnings, but trigger warning for everything.

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