TUBI EXCLUSIVE: The Final Rose (2022)

Jess (Christina Masterson) is a single mother who has been picked to be a contestant on Love at Last, which is The Bachlor. Meanwhile, a disco ball-masked killer is taking out all of the other contestants.

Directed by Tim Cruz — who wrote it with Blake Rutledge — The Final Rose does a fun job of taking the expected reality show moments and infusing the spirit of the slasher within them. It also has smart casting, featuring actors from The Young and the RestlessGeneral Hospital and One Life to Live.

I’m not the biggest fan of reality romance, but I see the potential for jealous contestants to become a murderous place where a stalk and slash killer can have his or her way with the contestants. This is totally the kind of movie that could play on Lifetime years ago. The writing is quite good, way better than a made for streaming movie should be, skewering everything in its way.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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