YouTube picks

This week, instead of Tubi picks, here are some of my favorite channels to watch on YouTube.

Found Footage Festival: Champions of VHS since 2004, Joe and Nick from the Found Footage Festival resurrect old VHS footage from thrift stores and garage sales and serve it up in a live touring comedy show and a weekly live show, VCR Party, every Tuesday at 9pm ET. They also have a Saturday Morning Cartoons show and also Midnight Rental, which is hosted by late night horror hostess Lenora, who currently co-hosts The Big Bad B-Movie Show on The CW in Cleveland. Midnight Rental takes viewers on a tour of tapes that are of lesser known and lesser loved movies who never quite found their footing, but still deserve their 5 (15 would still be too generous) minutes of fame.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Found Footage Festival for years and want more people to discover them. Some of my favorite videos are below:

Good Bad Flicks: Cecil Trachenburg loves movies and loves talking about them. I love his channel, where he’s steadily increased his skills at making videos that really break down cinema.

What Makes This Song Stink: Pat Finnerty is a musician who has strived to remain musically moral, not selling out and wondering whether or not he can still get a hot tub out of his career. His videos are, without a doubt, the best thing on the Internet, filled with a love of music even if he hates the song. His weekly podcast has been great as well, rarely even discussing the song and instead wanting to truly get to know his guests. His Weezer, Train and–rBP8_QuwILenny Kravitz breakdowns are just astounding. I also have him to blame for introducing me to the song “Fancy Like,” which I hate beyond the boundaries of hate.

The Made-for-Television MovieHere’s the mission statement from the channel: Our Mission: To post all 6 seasons of The ABC Movie of the Week anthology. The ground-breaking series aired from 1969 to 1976, catapulting the fledgling network to high ratings. Too many television movies have been forgotten. Most are out of print, or not available on DVD. Many have not been seen since they were first aired. Now after 50 years, audiences are rediscovering television movies, as interest brings them out of obscurity. Join us as we create an archive of made-for-television movies.

Vintage Toilets Pittsburgh: There are actually two vintage Pittsburgh toilet channels, the other one called PottiesInPittsburgh. I have no idea what would motivate someone to get into this many places — some are some places where they had to get some kind of sneak in help — and film toilets. A fetish? Definitely an obsession. He’s up to almost 5,000 toilets.

Wu Tang CollectionFrom the mountains of China, to the streets of New York, The Wu Tang Collection brings the best, rarest, and finest in Asian Action Cinema, Martial Arts and beyond.

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